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Kids & Teens

Making A Big Difference In Little Smiles!

Kids: The Right Time For Orthodontics

Howdy! Your mind is probably overrun with questions: At what age should I take my child to the orthodontist? Does my little one really need braces right now? Is this the right time or should we wait? As the mother of two girls under the age of 10, Dr. Mehta understands and appreciates a parent’s concerns and is here to answer all your questions. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends the first Orthodontic exam around age 7. Dr. Mehta believes in the uniqueness of every child and definitely does not believe in “one size fits all”. She will work with YOU personalize treatment that fits YOUR child. Dr. Mehta treats each child as her own and will NEVER recommend UNNECESSARY treatment. Most of the time, no early treatment is necessary and all we would recommend is a follow up visit to check growth of the jaws and teeth, however the only way to determine that, is during a complete orthodontic consultation; come on in for a COMPLIMENTARY check up! You’ll find that our little office is actually a pretty fun place for the kids.

Give Your Teen A Winning Smile


When they Win, we Win! Are you worried about how your teen doing in school? Are they excelling at sports, or OMG: did they just google “Where to get a tattoo”!!! While we can’t help with homework or with their mood swings, we will definitely work with them by crafting an AMAZING new smile that will give them the confidence to take on the world!! Not only will they love the smile, but will enjoy the journey to achieve it! There are so many different treatment options for teens, we’ll make sure to find a treatment option that’s right for you, Invisalign Teen and clear braces included.So whether your child is shy, outgoing, independent, emotional, rebellious, energetic or a Jedi; here at Indigo Orthodontics we have a family atmosphere that will make them feel comfortable while keeping the process simple.

Dr. Mehta uses the latest technology to move teeth even faster so your teenager can get back to the very busy job of being a teenager!